Tex - El robot de Techandlex

Tex & María

Office Managers

Our main goal is that our team and, of course, our clients, do not lack anything. And we love working on our social networks.

Lucas C. Maynard

Lead Attorney

New technologies, Foreigners and inmigration and real estate law expert.
Learning and developing startup, small companies and civil law.

Azahar Zafra


Build, Management, workflow and systems, Improvements, Technologies and real estate.
You can find me thinking about any of those in my free time.


They are there to support us in any difficult moments.


Attention requester

Bubbles ensures that the team take regular breaks to relax and, why not, pay attention and pet her.


Food requester

Motorcillo ensures that certain team members do not forget to eat and, of course, feed him.

Our History

Formed by a team of young lawyers and engineers passionate about new technologies, Tech&Lex has been created with the goal of integrating both sectors, law and new technologies in order to offer a more dynamic and agile service, adapted to modern times without leaving behind traditional values such as professionalism and rigour.

To achieve this, we use the latest technological methods and procedures and apply them to legal services, creating a more efficient service adapted to each client and at the same time minimising the use of paper, ink and other resources to help promote a more sustainable world.

We are keen supporters of new mass media outreach and communication (YouTube, Twitch), social platforms, innovative apps and the new professions and business methods generated by them (influencers, content creators, associates programs, e-sports, cryptocurrencies, startups, etc).